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What is livi bank Open API Portal?

The livi bank Open API Portal is a public platform containing a set of Open API Products published by livi, which offers all prospective partners to manage their Open API Products subscriptions with us.

What Open API Products are offered in the Portal?

Apart from the list of Open API Products which enable APIs calls to establish connection with our production data, ‘Sandbox Access’ is one of the special Open API Products which enable APIs calls in the same form and function as our production environment. It contains ALL the available APIs and mock data for testing prototypes. You can then validate our products before moving to the official production stage. If you have any innovative business idea, we strongly recommend you sign up an account and test it out.

How much will it cost?

Access to our Open API Products is free. All prospective partners are welcome to use the Open API Portal.

What are the recommended browsers for minimum security requirements?

To ensure the security, please ensure your browser is updated to the following versions when accessing the Open API Portal:

  • Microsoft Edge (Version 81 or above)

  • Apple Safari (Version 11 or above)

  • Google Chrome (Version 43 or above)

  • Mozilla Firefox (Version 48 or above)

How do I report bugs or provide suggestions related to the Open API Products?

To report bugs or to provide suggestions, please contact us at openapi@livibank.com.

How does email notification work?

Email notification messages are generated in response to certain events, such as status update of your applications.